Take Me Out To The Ball Game

OK, true confession time Friends. Today, I called in sick from the job search. I can honestly say this is one of the very few times that I let myself relax about the job search for most of the day. Weekends, holidays, even if we’ve done a bit of travelling, the job search is always at the forefront of my mind, even if there is logistically nothing I can do about it during that time.

Good friends of ours invited my husband and I to the Phillies game today. The game started at 3:00 p.m. so we headed down early to enjoy the beautiful day, the amazing Citizens Bank Park and our favorite team. The Phillies received their 2009 National League Championship Rings and that event brought back the excitement and joy that we experienced last year and made us look even more forward to the upcoming months of Phillies baseball.

Spending the day in the middle of the workweek with my husband and my friends in the warmth and sunshine while watching my favorite team is priceless for sure, but I would also call it “decadent”.

Whatever you’re going through in life, allow yourself a little decadence. Don’t apologize for it and don’t feel selfish about it. Close your eyes, feel the sun on your skin, the light breeze blowing from center field, listen to the crowd, the vendors, the crack of the bat, smell the peanuts and Cracker Jack (and no, I don’t care if I never get back), root root root for the home team, and if they don’t win it’s a shame (they didn’t).

And just like the Phillies, tomorrow I will do my job and step to the plate again in the game that is the job search.

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What Was That Noise?

I applied for two jobs this morning after a few days of no new opportunities. There’s been more activity than usual over the last six weeks and yet no one has called me to pursue any of these openings. Not only that, but I have not received acknowledgement of any of my submissions.

Which leads me to ask:

If a resume arrives at a potential employer and no one ever looks at it, does it make a sound?

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I Could Use Some Time Off — Ironic, Isn’t It?

One very important lesson I’ve learned while being off from work is that when you are working full-time you really do have to cut yourself some slack. I am home everyday and still can’t get everything done around my home even though I am on the go all day. I think because I am home I feel as though I have to get things done whereas when I was working I knew it would NOT all get done because of time constraints.

I must tell you, all of this is self-inflicted. My husband leaves for work in the morning and says to me,”Try and relax a little today” but he knows me as well as I know myself so we both kind of roll our eyes at each other when he says that.

I’ve tackled projects around here that I NEVER would have gotten to if I was working and I still don’t seem to be able to get to other things. When my husband comes home from work everyday, I sit down for the first time all day.

My husband works hard, make no mistake. But as we all know, sometimes during our work day we take a few moments to check or to give ourselves a break. Last night, the following conversation took place between him and me:

Husband: “Did you hear that Bret Michaels of Poison had his appendix out?” (Yes, we grew up in the time of 80’s “hair bands” AND we watch ‘Celebrity Apprentice’.)

Me: “No, I didn’t. While you’re at work all day I am here, at home, actually working.”

He started cracking up. I meant it as a joke but there is some truth to it.

I need a job for many reasons, one of them being I could use the rest!

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A Gimme

Once in awhile, a gift arrives on your doorstep — or in this case, my inbox — and you don’t expect it. I am signed up with several employment web sites to receive emails when new jobs are posted that match my skills and interests. Most times, to be honest, I’ve already applied for the position or in fact, the jobs aren’t really what I’m looking for. Today, however, I received a listing of jobs via email and there was one job that is exactly what I’m looking for that I had not seen before.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to get a job opening sent to you from anywhere — a friend, former co-worker or even an employment web site. Considering how much time I spend searching for a job through various web sites, etc., to have one arrive on my BlackBerry today was such a pleasant surprise.

I realize I’m just applying for the job and I still have to wait and see if they are interested in me, but every once in awhile it’s so nice to receive a “gimme”.


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“Apply Now” (If You Can)

On Monday I found a job I was very interested in on an employment web site. In order to apply for the position, you had to go to the employer’s corporate web site. I had applied for another position at this company a year or so ago and so I already had a user name and password to access their site.

My usual password did not work so I hit the button which would send a temporary password to my email. I then got an error message indicating there was . . . well . . an error . . . and I should contact the System Administrator. I tried this three more times with the same result and then decided to come back to it later.

I logged onto my email a little while later and I had four emails with four different temporary passwords. Oops! So I then tried all of those four passwords and I still was unable to log on. I waited until later that night and tried again and had no luck.

I sent an email to their Technical Support team asking for help. The next morning I got an email from a real-live person (a real oddity in the job search process) who offered to assist me if I would call her. I did and after a few attempts, we were able to get me logged on. I thanked her and we hung up.

I continued on the corporate web site and searched for the job I had found on the employment web site. The job was not there. I went back to the employment web site, found the job and clicked on “Apply Now” and it took me to the corporate web site and the job posting. Once again, I clicked on “Apply” and now I received a message saying this job was no longer available. According to the employment site posting, it had just been posted two days ago!

So frustrating. Once again, a lot of work with no positive result. The job search is not easy, it is not fun. It’s a full-time job that I can’t quit.

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A Revelation

It is 90 degrees here in Eastern Pennsylvania today. I’m beginning to think this whole job search endeavor has been for naught as it seems the world just might be coming to an end. For it to be this temperature the first week of April is really an anomaly.

They say you should live each day as if it’s your last and I think about these last few years and the time and energy I’ve put into not only the actual act of searching for a job but the hours I’ve spent worrying and thinking about it. It’s the first thing I think about in the morning, before my eyes even open, and the thing I am thinking about as I fall asleep at night. I’ve tried not to let it overtake my life but I don’t know how successful I’ve been with that particular goal. We all seem to live with the faith that we will be here tomorrow. It always comes back to faith, doesn’t it?

If the world ends and I’m still not employed that is really going to aggravate me.

Be on the lookout for locusts . . .

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Spring Has Sprung

I just finished doing the job search, the second one in less than 24 hours. Yesterday I found a few jobs I’m going to apply for and then there was another one today. I’m going to tackle those next.

It is almost 80 degrees here today which is crazy for it only being April 6th. I just made a bold move and packed away our gloves, scarves and winter hats, as well as our heaviest coats. I realize this is tempting fate but I was sweating as I was doing it so I can’t be that far off the mark, can I?

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but as I was packing up our winter things I just kept thinking how another season has come and gone (thankfully) and I am still searching for a job. I will not dwell on it but believe me I am fully aware.

I just paused to look out the window and the grass is so green where it was once nothing but white and the trees are blooming while there are still branches in all our yards from the heavy snow and ice. Although today is more like a summer day, I know that April will show her real self in the way of rain in the coming days and weeks.

I hope and pray that April showers bring May employment.

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President & CEO As Well As Chief Bottle Washer

I spent the Easter weekend at the New Jersey shore with my mom. We had a great time and we got home a few hours ago. As soon as the car was unpacked, I came straight to my office. Just like returning to a “real” job after a few days off, I almost didn’t know where to start. I caught up on a few emails I couldn’t handle from my BlackBerry and I started the job search.

I’ve always been a multi-tasker so while I was doing the job search I was doing a few other things. Thank God for Windows. I quickly realized I was back to work. My blog entry from Friday posted with Thursday’s date. A text message I saved in draft on my BlackBerry so I could investigate a few things upon my return home won’t open. The light bulb in my office is out.

This really is my full-time job. The only difference is that at Sister Rain, Inc. there is no maintenance department to call about the light bulb and there is no MIS team to assist me with my technological difficulties.

I’m reminded of a t-shirt I saw this weekend on the boardwalk. It read, “Reality Bites”. Oh yes it does. Especially when you are the only employee in your company!

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Easter Weekend

A new month of doing the job search yesterday and I kicked off April by doing my long search. Unfortunately, I found no positions to apply for. I’m not sure what’s going on; I had a good run in March with more jobs than I’ve seen in a long time. The problem is, once again, I’m not hearing from anyone on the jobs I’ve applied for and now there has been nothing new.

This has pretty much been the case the entire time I’ve been searching for a job. There have been spurts of calls and interviews but most of my resumes and applications seem to have fallen into the black hole of resumes, a place far scarier than the Bermuda Triangle. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of resumes never heard from again!

Today is Good Friday. A time of new beginnings and a miracle beyond all miracles. If that Easter miracle can happen, I can certainly get a job. It may not seem like a miracle to you, but it will to me.

Happy Easter!

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