Happy Memorial Day

When I see a Service person in the airport or anywhere for that matter, I walk up to them, extend my hand, look them in the eye and say “Thank you for your service”. I’ve found that most of the time they are at first surprised and then they are happy. I like the happy part. The surprised part makes me a little sad. They should not be caught off guard by someone offering appreciation for their sacrifice for this country we love.

I am not partial to a specific branch of the Armed Services; how can you be? However, I saw this commercial years ago and never forgot it. I’ve been fortunate to see many of the sights of this great country and this commercial touched me deeply.

I won’t say anymore but let it speak for itself. Click HERE to watch it.

God Bless America and thank you Veterans everywhere.

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Is It Still A Search If You’re Searching For It Not To Be There?

For the past almost 3 years I have spent hours every day looking for job postings. This morning I looked to NOT see one.

I went on my new company’s web site a few minutes ago and the job is no longer posted. The ‘For Sale’ sign has been taken down and I’m moving in.

How strange after searching and searching for jobs to search for a posting to be gone. To search that it’s no longer a posting, but a job.

My job.

Holy crap, I got a job.

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Reset To Zero

I was offered a job on Tuesday, I’ve accepted the offer and I will start work next week.

As of today, it has been 1,035 days since my last day of work at my previous employer.

That’s 2 years and 10 months.

148 weeks

24,840 hours

1,490,400 minutes

89,424,000 seconds

Who’s counting you might ask?

I am.

Every one of these statistics equals a piece of my struggle, a drop of my sweat, a drop of my tears.

Time for a new counter to start.

Time to reset to “0”.

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This is a big day for me and my blog. This is my 100th post.

When I started this blog it was cold and snowy and I was not working.

100 blogs later, it’s warm and humid and green and I am not working.

I want to thank you for taking time out of your life to stop by and share mine. This blog has given me an outlet for my thoughts and feelings through a very difficult time. I’m so grateful to be able to share this bumpy ride with you.

Keep those seat belts fastened, it ain’t over yet!

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Do Not Open That Umbrella In Here!

While leaving the house at 6:30 a.m. for the garage sale, I saw a black cat in the alley as soon as I pulled out of the garage. I chanted in my head — at least I think it was in my head — “Don’t walk in front of me. Don’t walk in front of me. Don’t walk in front of me.”

The cat walked in front of me.

Did I mention it was black?

Not quite the way to start the day; especially that early!

We are home now and we are both safe and sound. I will sit very quietly this evening; no need to tempt fate.

No ladders, no mirrors, no cracks — OH MY!

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When The Usual Becomes Unusual

Remember I told you I’m helping my friend organize her house? That project is still going on and I am over there about 8 hours a week. We’re making great progress but there are still rooms to declutter. Even though this is a friend, I am treating it seriously and professionally, just like any job.

My husband has off from work today to prepare for the garage sale. Last night I was in bed and it was close to midnight so I yelled downstairs for him to come to bed, “Some of us have to go to work in the morning!”. He groaned but we both had a good laugh after all this time that he’s gotten up every day for work while I am usually still in bed.

In my defense, for many years I got up before him. So I’ve tried to get over the guilt. But getting up, showering, drying my hair, putting on make-up, styling my hair, dressing up was foreign to me out of the womb (I am not a girly girl) and it’s even more so now that I’ve gotten out of the habit. Even getting ready for my interview this afternoon I find it hard to believe and remember I did this every day for many, many years.

Anything can become normal and you really can get used to anything.

Except maybe knee highs.

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Look Out Confucius, There’s Another Philosopher In Town

A rainy, dreary Election Day here in eastern Pennsylvania. I am spending the day at home, making vegetable soup and doing the job search and following up on jobs I applied for last week.

I did land an interview this morning. It will take place on Thursday afternoon. It’s a position I pursued and followed up on so I’m happy to be given an opportunity for a personal meeting.

There is another position I had phone interviewed for a week or so ago and I thought it went really well. However, I have not heard back from them concerning a personal interview, which was the next step in the process. I need to send an email and follow-up but it’s just so hard to have to walk right up to Rejection and look him (I’m convinced Rejection is male) in the eye and professionally inquire as to your fate. Especially when my meeting with Possibility (a female I am sure) went so well.

Possibility good, Rejection bad. Very bad.

Hard to believe I’m unemployed with such pearls of wisdom, isn’t it?

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