Have It Your Way; Just Not In A Hotel

I am in Ohio for a few days for work. There are a total of 8 of us here from my company and after work today we were able to grab a free drink five minutes before the hotel’s complimentary happy hour was over.

Then one of my coworkers wanted to visit Graeter’s, a famous ice cream place in the area, and I told her I’d go along. We met in the hotel lobby where we asked the front desk if the shuttle would take us to Graeter’s but it couldn’t. The two people working the front desk told us they didn’t think the ice cream was worth the price of a cab ride. Now what to do?

A few pieces of cheese were all that I’d eaten since breakfast at 8:30 a.m. so I was hungry and now ice cream was not going to be my dinner. I ordered a chicken Caesar salad in the hotel restaurant and told them I’d be back to pick it up in order to avoid a room service charge. They told me it’d be 20 minutes.

In the meantime, I wanted a couple of sodas for the next two days so I went to the vending machine on my floor. The machine would not accept my dollar bills. I came back to my room and did a few things and then went back down to the restaurant to pick up my dinner. It was on a large serving tray, which I carried onto the elevator and up to the floor below me to try for sodas again. This machine wouldn’t work either.

Now I’ve got to carry my dinner tray back onto the elevator, up to my room floor, put the tray in my room and go back to the elevator to ride down two floors. The machine on this floor took my money, but the first two soda buttons I pushed were sold out.

I finally got two Diet Cokes and once again got on the elevator and came back to my room. I sat on my living room floor (I have a suite), turned on the TV and could find NOTHING to watch and ate my $15 salad. I had asked for the dressing on the side but it came on the salad.

Never underestimate being able to go to your kitchen and make yourself something to eat. Or your refrigerator. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, I’m gonna give my kitchen a big hug when I get home.

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Another Life Instruction

This morning I have a phone interview with the company I told you about on Tuesday. I know that potential employers can smell desperation just like a dog can smell fear, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am desperate. I just have to mask it with some type of vocal camouflage. The position really is a spooky match to my experience and interests. And perhaps its biggest selling point is that it’s not the job I currently have.

I am also on the cusp of making a HUGE decision about my current career situation and so today’s “Life’s Little Instruction” on my calendar of the same name hit me like a smack in the face when I tore off yesterday’s page:

Remember, there’s never been a day when a million miracles didn’t happen. So why not one today just for you?

Hope comes in many forms. Today it came to me in a $9.99 desk calendar.

My miracle will come in an invitation for a second interview.

Fingers AND toes, Friends. Keep ’em crossed for me.

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You’re Only A Day Away

Another day Friends and I was about to say I’m no closer to getting out of my awful job but I guess that isn’t true. Each new day brings new possibility.

Today I made contact with a Human Resources person at a company that has an opening that has “Sister Rain” written all over it. I left a voice mail for her this morning, after calling the main number and asking to speak to someone about the position. I followed up this afternoon with my resume and cover letter. At the end of the business day I got an email back from her saying she’ll give me a call tomorrow.

Three years ago my life changed on a dime with the closing of my company.

Three months ago my life changed on a dime when I finally accepted a job after waiting so long.

Three months ago my life changed on a dime when I realized on Day 1 this new job was a MISTAKE.

I’ll put my sneakers on tomorrow and be ready to pivot in a new direction.

I’ll stick up my chin, and grin too.

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Today has been a busy day with work and other things I had to take care of. I had planned to do execute a full court press of calls to employment agencies to find a position I can take to get me out of the mess I find myself in. However, before I knew it, it was 6:00 p.m. and I never made the time. Terrible, I know.

Tomorrow I absolutely, positively have to make the calls and get out of my current Hellacious situation. I’ve got to find a window and jump out it.

With any luck, I’ll land on my feet. Or at least bounce back.

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Where In The World Is Sister Rain?

I’m not sure exactly when the “finding yourself” period was for this country, but for Sister Rain it’s today. I am off the road for about 10 days and have a lot to do around my house and for work. But today I’ve got to set aside some time for me and get back to what’s important to me and what I need to do to change things for myself.

I need a little rest and a little TLC that can only come from within. I also need a new job and that’s only going to come from within too.

Several people have told me today to take some time for me and they’re right. The fact that I’ve lost sight of that for myself is a huge warning sign that things are completely out of control.

If you see me can you point me in my direction?

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