What A Difference A Recession Makes

I had a phone interview this afternoon and it went well, but the salary is about half of what I was making when I lost my job in 2007. It really is amazing what a company expects as far as the responsibilities of the position and the salary they are paying.

I had anticipated a discussion about salary, so I did my research online for salary ranges for that job title in that zip code. I even low-balled it and still was shocked by what they are offering.

I told the HR person that I would still like to pursue the opportunity; that my first priority is to stay in my field.

I am so grateful to have received the call but I’ve got to be honest, as quickly as the balloon inflated, it deflated twice that fast.

Click HERE for the full effect.

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Beep, Beep

I went downstairs, saw the answering machine light blinking, hit “PLAY” expecting to hear yet another political campaign call and there it was:

“Yes, good afternoon, I’m calling for Sister Rain. Sister, this is Jane Doe calling from Acme. You applied with us last week for a Marketing position and I’d love to speak with you concerning this position. Please call me at (123) 456-7890.”

When you least expect it, expect it.

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Corn Stalker

It’s a gray but unusually warm day here for Fall in Pennsylvania. Today I may have crossed a line in the job search world but it’s too late now.

I mentioned the other day there is a company I would love to work for who has an opening that fits my background and experience. I have applied as instructed on their website and I will make a follow-up call later this week.

Today, however, I drove to the company and drove around the parking lot. I tried visualizing, a la Oprah, myself driving to the employee parking lot, parking and heading into work, greeting associates as we made our way into the office. Since it’s so dark out today, I pictured myself leaving for the day at night when the parking lot lights are on and snow is on the ground later this winter. I imagined myself at my desk inside working away.

What I didn’t imagine and perhaps should have was the padded van coming to take me away.

Well, you can’t say I haven’t tried everything. Although I guess walking in and sitting down at a desk, a la George Costanza, would really encompass EVERYTHING. . .

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Feeling LOST Today

Rough day here. The Phillies are out of the postseason and will not be returning to the World Series. I’m also very down about the job search and its infinite impossibilities.

The weekends are hard on me because there is very little I feel I can do when the work force is off to move forward in the job search process. This is going to sound crazy, but I’m in a crazy place right now, but it’s also strange even after being out of work for so much time, to not have the normal weekend chores to do because I’ve gotten them done during the week. I will live to regret thinking and typing this someday, hopefully soon, but it’s the truth.

On a positive note, it’s a beautiful fall day today. We have beautiful changing of the leaves and it’s sunny and warm.

As when I left the beach a few weeks ago, I find myself wondering today when Spring Training starts next year, where will I be working?

The beach, baseball, the weekend — it all comes back to this unanswered question.

I hate unanswered questions.

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Sister Rain, M.D. (Mess Doctor)

I have returned to helping my friend organize her house. She has some friends who are interested in my service so she’s let them know that my shingle is officially hung out.

I still am pursuing my career in Meeting & Event Planning/Marketing Communications but I can do the organizing until I return to that world and if possible, after. I seem to have a knack for de-cluttering and organizing (if I do say so myself and it looks like I just did).

It’s not what I planned for myself or ever really imagined, but when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. And when life hands you clutter, buy some trash bags and give me a call. Even you Snoopy.

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Inspiration In A Coffee Cup Sleeve

I LOVE COFFEE!!! Plain old coffee with a little cream and one Sweet’N Low is my daily drink but occasionally I love a treat of a Cafe Mocha or a Frappuccino.

For some reason, my husband and I just can’t make decent coffee at home. We’ve tried using bottled water, we’ve tried different combinations of water and coffee and we just never get it right. This afternoon I was home and cold and felt like a cup of coffee so I tried to make a pot and it was a disaster.

The closest Starbucks is 10 miles from my home but we have a local coffee shop about 4 miles away. I love its atmosphere. There are always people there on their laptops and having business meetings. They’re all “hip” and sometimes young (sigh) and stylish. They are who I want to be (the young part might be a challenge) and sitting there people-watching inspires me to be creative, to continue the fight to return to my career.

People scoff at a $4 cup of coffee and most days I’ll agree it’s crazy. But today $4 got me a Cafe Mocha. With a dollop of whipped cream and inspiration on top.

(Don’t you love the word “dollop”?)

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Meow? Woof?

Hello Friends. I’m sorry I haven’t posted regularly lately. I don’t want to post just for the sake of posting, but I also make a conscious effort to write everyday. The problem is, there’s not much been going on in my Job Search World the last few weeks. Obviously, this is a bigger problem than not having something to write about.

I’m doing the job search now and have found a few jobs. One is with a company that is in my top 3 companies I’d like to work for so I’m going to go after it with passion and professional aggression. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!

The question is, how do I approach this? I’ve tried sending my resume and cover letter directly to the HR person if I can determine who that is. I’ve tried dropping off my information in person. I’ve even mailed my cover letter and resume in via U.S. mail! Anything to set me apart.

Growling sure would set me apart but probably not the way I’d like . . .

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