When You Care Enough To Rub Salt In The Open, Oozing Wound

Sorry for the long break! Was away for a week at a meeting. And if you’re thinking that ought to give me a lot of material for the blog, you’re right. Stay tuned for that.

On the way to work this morning I heard that Hallmark has come out with a line of “Job Loss Cards”. I don’t know if I’ve ever said it here, in black and white, but when my company shut down it was a company that was a subsidiary of another company that is owned by Hallmark.

The cards are $3.49 a piece. Maybe if they’d thought of this 4 years ago they could have kept my company open. Yeah, the irony’s not lost on me, how about you?

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Hello Friends:

The change is a-coming, albeit in baby steps. As you can see, today I have changed the Header of this blog to its new name, I will be changing the web address to match soon, but wanted to at least roll this portion of the change out because . . . well . . . I couldn’t wait another minute!

I will continue to write about my life and my job and the job search, because after the last 4 years of my life I will NEVER stop job searching, no matter how good things are going in my current position at the time. I’d be a fool to ever let someone else be in control of my career again.

So take it around the block a time or two, see what you think. I hope you pull back into the lot just itching to buy.

Hope you are having a great Sunday.

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Painted Love

Setting: My Bedroom This Morning (don’t be afraid)

Attendees: Mr. and Mrs. Sister Rain

Mrs. Sister Rain lies on her bed to put her make-up on using the reading/bed lamp (don’t ask why just go with it please).

Mr. Sister Rain, in a rare occurance, is awake and lying in the bed as well.

Mrs. Sister Rain applies her eye shadow.

Mr. Sister Rain says, “Is it 80s Day today?”.

Mrs. Sister Rain replies, “What are you talking about?”, in a tone that indicates, why are you awake? and why are you talking to me?.

Mr. Sister Rain responds, “You are putting on blue mascara”.

Mrs. Sister Rain: “It’s not mascara, it’s eye shadow. It’s not blue, it’s lavender.”

If she weren’t running late, Mrs. Sister Rain would have gone all “Flock Of Seagulls” on Mr. Sister Rain.

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Just When I Thought It Was Safe To Change My URL . . .

Just as I’m ready to change the title and web address for this blog, from a title which indicates we’re all about the job search to something more “generic”, I am seriously thinking of searching for a new job. Major, unexpected changes are occurring in my company, and although I am hoping for the best, it’s not looking good.

I have been internally cursing the Gods and asking why this is happening after such a long job search and finally landing a position I really do enjoy, working with people I really love, but the company itself is a mess.

I’m still moving ahead with the new blog title and address, but once again life is happening as I make plans . . .

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Special Delivery

Yesterday I was being driven to the airport and texted a girlfriend to let her know that I was headed out of town. She replied, “Eight years ago today you were also at the airport”. I had no idea, at first, what she was referring to. We had not ever traveled together and there was no way that she should have recall of my solo itinerary from eight years ago.

Then it hit me. Eight years ago I went with her to Philadelphia International Airport so that she could meet her baby daughter. The little bundle of joy did not arrive by a traditional stork, per se, but by a jet airliner from Korea.

Eight years ago both their lives changed forever. And so did mine, being able to see the “birth” of this little girl.

Happy “Gotcha Day” RG!

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Is That Seaweed In Your Swim Trunks Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Spending a few days at the beach with my mom and husband with my husband making his annual leap (literally) into the ocean today.

My husband, bless his heart, is very laid back. Sometimes I refer to him as Rigor, as in mortis. He doesn’t rush to do anything and where my motto is ‘why put off today . . .’ his is ‘why NOT put off today what you can do tomorrow?’. The only time this doesn’t apply is getting into the ocean.

I like to take my time, get used to the idea, move slowly and cautiously. Conversely, he will run right in and as soon as it’s deep enough, dive all the way under the water.

Polar opposites indeed. Ocean opposites too.

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The Perfect Ending To A Pretty Bad Day


Today was in the top three worst days of my career; a major problem/crisis (whichever you prefer, I prefer neither) caused many things to topple down with me in the middle.

In my non-professional world, the worst thing I ever have to do in the way of chores is pack. Tonight I’m packing for not only one, but two trips.

TGIS(aturday)! coming soon . . .

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