A Hard Habit To Break

Well over a year ago, the soap dish in our shower fell out of the
wall. While we were without it, we placed the soap in the front corner of the tub.

The soap dish is now firmly mounted back into the shower wall.

The soap is now firmly placed, by both my husband and me, in the front corner of the tub.

Maybe I can put a plant in the soap dish . . .

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Healthy Shmelthy

I am trying to eat healthier these days and one of my biggest struggles is packing a lunch everyday, both from a “what should I take?” perspective as well as from a “I don’t have time for this” in the morning” standpoint.

Today I packed a pb&j (don’t laugh – peanut butter is protein), a few Sun Chips, a yogurt and an orange.

The orange was so dry that I couldn’t even get it out of the quarters I have cut (remember, “I don’t have time for this in the morning!”).

I pulled the foil lid off the yogurt only to realize I didn’t have a spoon. Did I mention that I drive to a local fast food restaurant every day and sit in their parking lot and use their wireless internet connection so I can catch up on my Tweets and important news stories on TMZ and No spoon = no yogurt.

Luckily, there is a drugstore across the street from the fast food restaurant. I couldn’t buy a spoon there but I could buy a pack of M&Ms. I got my orange after all.

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19 1/2 Years

This morning we slept in and were laying in bed not wanting to get up. I was trying to have a conversation with the man in my bed (to clarify, it was my husband) and was getting no response. I knew he was awake.

Sister Rain: “Why aren’t you talking to me?”

Mr. Sister Rain: “I’m checking my Twitter.”

In October we will be married for 20 years.

For richer or poorer.
In sickness and in health.

In technology and in electronics . . .

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Salty or Sweet?

The job I am doing now as a temp involves filing and database and Excel work. Is this what I want to be doing? Absolutely not, but it’s something I feel very comfortable doing and a job that when I leave at 4:30 p.m. everyday, I have no worries or responsibilities associated with it. And every Friday morning a paycheck is deposited into our bank account. Some might say it’s the perfect job but those people might not miss their career the way that I do.

I’m very confident in my abilities as a Meeting & Event Planner and have always felt inside that I was destined to be successful in my professional life. But I have tried very hard to never come off as cocky or high and mighty. I keep my self-assured internal height comparable to my 5′ 2″ physical height. And in this temp job, I have doubled my efforts to remain open to any task they have for me and after only 8 weeks I already seem to have a reputation for being willing and enthused to do anything.

And then today I was asked to put shelves in a newly purchased book shelf. Now, I have sat on many a floor putting together many a binder at meetings, I have been covered in packing tape and corrugated box fuzz packing and unpacking boxes. I am not above manual labor and enjoy it, always pondering if maybe I shouldn’t have been a boy, Brother Rain. But something about doing this today really bothered me. I know this job is only temporary, but today it seemed like a cruel joke the Career Gods are playing on me.

So maybe I did think I was all that and a bag of chips. But it turns out the official food of a poor economy is not salty or sweet; it’s sour. It turns out it’s humble pie.

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