Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

All relationships require work, but I was thinking today how my closest friendships are easy. That doesn’t mean we aren’t committed to each other or that we don’t put effort into making time to spend together. We also use the awesome technology available to us to keep in constant touch. We can disagree about things but the exchange of opposite perspectives adds another layer to the tapestry that is our friendship. We may be different in personality or temperament but we compliment each other like peanut butter and jelly, which just so happens to be something we DO agree on as a favorite. We are there for each other when one of us is in crisis. We don’t wait to be asked, we show up and we stay.

Life is hard. I am so very blessed and grateful that my friendships are easy. If given the chance, I wouldn’t want it the other way around.


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Strangers In The Night

Every few months I have a dream that someone is standing over me while I am in bed. It is so scary and the nightmare jolts me into instant awakedness. It takes a long time for the pounding of my heart to calm down and for the rest of me to stop quaking.

It has now happened often enough that I have Googled what this might mean. The theories are wide-ranging and I am not able to identify any that seem applicable to me.

My mom, who died four years ago, is the only holder of the Sister Rain All-Access Pass. She can visit morning, noon or night. But the dark figure looming over me bears no resemblance to her.

So, I don’t know who this is or what they represent. If a life lesson is the purpose, a simple thing like sudden blindness can do the trick. It’s not necessary to scare the bejesus out of me, not to mention my poor husband who is violently brought to consciousness once I bolt upright and start shaking. There’s no need to send Freddy or Chucky or an E.T. (not THE E.T. – I love him) to bring some deep-seated psychological issue to the forefront in a completely obscure way.

You know what, though? My visitor HAS taught me a life lesson: Things that go bump in the night aren’t the scariest. Things that stand over the bed, quietly, in the dark of night are.


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All Charged Up

imageWouldn’t it be great if we all had a low battery indicator alerting others when our energy was depleted and all systems were soon to shut down? Disagreements and health issues could be averted if we were presented with data that we were in need of a recharge.

Some people believe that one day we will be more robot than human. I doubt that this will occur in my lifetime, but if it does I sure hope I have a full charge. Because I’m gonna run like hell.


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The End

When I finish a really good book, I am sad that what happens next to the characters I have connected with is unknown to me. Even though my criteria for a great read includes a complete wrap-up of storyline, I am not ready to leave the people or the places I have immersed myself with and in.

Honestly, it’s like Christmas mornings of my childhood when I read a passage that stops me cold and I must re-read it right away. Or a few pages later I am still thinking about something I’ve read and have to go back to it and let it settle all around me, in me. I often share these poignant excerpts with friends and on some occasions I even jot them down for myself to have long after the book has gone back to the library.

Page one of a book can make it or break it, and a really good book captures my heart right away. I rework my schedule to spend time with the inhabitants found in between the front and back covers and I will stick by them through their thick and their thin.

A really good book makes me think, makes me laugh and sometimes makes me cry. It touches me and makes me care about people I will only know for a few hundred pages. But for however long we are together, I am all in, rooting for them to be happy and healthy.

I hope that when the last chapter and page of my story has turned, that I have made people laugh, said something that stuck with them and even made them cry. I hope that I leave no loose ends and nothing left unsaid.

But I also hope I leave them wanting more.


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The Bog Before The Blog

If this is a blog, and this is America so everything is debatable, but let’s go with the assumption that it is, its pre-production is a bog.

I’m going to give you a few minutes here because I am sure that the fact that anything at all happens before I put fingers to keyboard is shocking to you, that my every thought isn’t just immediately documented has to be a surprise but I assure you it’s true.

An idea may come to me and I will put it in my phone or grab my iPad and begin drafting. As I tweak and save, proofread and save, the marsh that is my post begins to clear. Other days, I have nothing in mind to write about and on those days I have to slough through the quagmire of bad ideas to find something to share that is relevant to us all, that makes you smile.

I don’t take this blog lightly and even if it’s not your cup of joe I hope you at least know this. The blog slough is real, friends. The blog slough is real.


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