Revering Revere Ware

After ten years of loyalty to them, last night resulted in an unsatisfying go-round with TiVo’s technical and customer support and, therefore, we are severing ties and moving on.

In other household item news, one of my favorite pots lost its handle due to old age. I thought that this brand, Revere Ware, has a lifetime guarantee so I called them this morning. The woman I spoke with was great and a new pot is being shipped to me at no charge and I don’t have to send the old one back.

A twenty-five-year-old pot being replaced easily and quickly at no charge to me. A two-year-old TiVo box with a corrupt hard drive can be replaced in a few weeks at a cost to us of $250 and then we have to return the one that isn’t working. Wait, I think a portion of the $250 would be credited back to us two billing cycles after they receive their broken crap (I am surprised it took so long for even a soft four-letter word to emerge in the TiVo portion of this post and you should be too) from us, but I’m not sure after speaking with three different people all with conflicting information.

I can’t wait to eat something yummy I make in my new pot while I watch non-TiVo TV. Who would ever think that between an electronic device and cookware that the DVR would be the one to leave a bitter taste in my mouth?


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Driven To Therapy

Since losing my vision I have had to rely on people to give me rides to appointments  My husband, his mom and my closest friends are incredibly generous in shuttling me around. I am so grateful and never take a mile for granted.

Although I don’t dwell on it, I absolutely despise not being able to drive and miss being alone in the car with the radio more than I can ever articulate.I see a therapist regularly and she helps me so much with issues like this and has taught me coping skills for living without my mom and my vision, having lost both within several months of each other. And so it is kind of crazy that I found myself spending several stressful days this week trying to schedule transportation to upcoming appointments with her. Sometimes she gives me homework, but I would consider this week’s exercise my thesis.


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My Big Earie October

You would think that spending a day in our local hospital, being transported to one of the nation’s top hospitals in Philadelphia via ambulance at midnight, a week’s stay at said hospital, having just about every medical test there is, including the reputation-precedes-it spinal tap or lumber puncture, your choice, all while suddenly blind, I would be a tough girl. Nothing healthcare related could phase me.

Sister Rain, meet a nasty ear infection that has spread to your jaw and cheek. A typical childhood occurrence has now occurred to me in my 50s.b And it has knocked me on my butt. None of the things I mentioned above are part of this latest malady but I swear the pain is brutal and I would not refuse a morphine drip. and morphine makes me vomit.

Have you ever noticed that small things can become big things and yet the big things rarely end small?


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Putting Up The Curtain On Our Marriage

A single woman in her 20s recently asked me the secret to a long and happy marriage. I thought it was cute she thinks my husband and I are happy. Next year we will be married 25 years and we have been through an awful lot together: unemployment, money worries, illness and death of parents, our own serious medical trials. When we hear newlyweds complaining about how hard marriage is, we shake our heads. They simply have no idea and we have to wonder about their chance of longevity with a shaky foundation. The early days, after the wedding, are an adjustment if you haven’t previously lived together, but those weeks and months after the Big Day should be blissfuly free of the struggles you will face together as life continues.

I think it’s important to be with someone whose interests are similar but who also has their own hobbies as well. And as I have said previously on this blog, laughter goes a long, long way. You should also aspire to all the qualities you would want in any relationship: respect, honesty, love, trust and the feeling that the other person really gets you. I’m not claiming to have the perfect marriage because, let’s face it, my husband’s not perfect. But we do okay in spite of his shortcomings. (And there’s the comedic genius I referred to earlier in this paragraph.)

There is a lot to the theory that you have to pick your fights and decide if each transgression, whether perceived or actual, is worth digging your heels in, taking a stand and in some cases (mine) yelling. Or do you simply give in? And that is how I got to this:


Does it match our bathroom’s color scheme? Not really. But we needed a new shower curtain and the last time we went to buy one at a store it was a nightmare because he is color blind and I am no longer able to see color. He loves the Seahawks and it’s fun and if you’re close enough to us to be using our bathroom, you won’t be surprised.

Picking your fights can be difficult. But choosing this shower curtain was easy. It made him so happy and keeps the water in the shower. In the span of a marriage there are big moments, such immense joy you can’t believe how fortunate you are and sorrow that will knock you flat on your ass. But if you can mix some fun into the little, necessary moments of a marriage, I believe you have a great chance to be together a long time.

Shower curtains come and go, but taking one for his team, and our team as a couple, well, that could have us going all the way.


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Chim Chim Cher-ee

So today this happened:


Well, there was only one. And he wasn’t dancing. And he didn’t speak cockney. Not nighttime either. No nanny flying via umbrella. But, oh, the songs and the dancing! My mom loved when Dick  Van Dyke danced with the animated penguins. I actually think that began her lifelong fascination with the tuxedoed birds.

Right now there is a chimney sweep on my roof. But thanks to Mary Poppins, right now there are songs and laughter and my mom in my heart.


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They’re Going To Throw The To Do List At Him

On Saturday morning my husband was making his weekend To Do list in his phone and asked me if I had anything I needed him to get done. I asked him to create a season pass on TiVo for the new HBO series, Divorce. I then said, “Nothing better happen to me this weekend because they will see “divorce” on your To Do list and it will look suspicious”. We both laughed and then I added, “You’d better not have “duct tape” or “handcuffs” on there!”, in reference to an episode of Blue Bloods we had watched the night before.

He said, “I don’t need the handcuffs” and proceeded to read me the following:


I could explain what all the items mean, but what fun would that be?


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