A New Year For An Old Married Couple

This morning, I woke up to light after what seemed like a lifetime of darkness. I couldn’t believe it, it must be a dream. Everything looked different and I felt like my life was starting anew, way beyond the day 2 of a new year. My limitations were gone, my time of disability immediately feeling like it had belonged to someone else. I am, once again, a complete, fully functional Sister Rain.

My husband has returned to work after two weeks at home during the holidays.


We got this. We’ve certainly been through worse.



Day 10  of 11:
Me: “Alexa, how many hours until 9 a.m. Wednesday morning?”
Alexa: “There are 37.7 hours until 9 a.m. Wednesday morning.”

I’ve never run 26.2 miles and never will. But at that moment I knew that the last .2 miles really are the toughest, just like they say.

This Morning
At 8:26 a.m. I return to our bedroom after my breakfast.
Husband still sleeping.
I open the blinds.
I turn the headboard reading lamp on.
Then the ceiling light.
He says he needs a minute to wake up.
I pull off the covers to assist him. We are, after all, partners.
I take his pillow.
I use it to fan him.

And just like that, my 2019 finally begins.


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