Boston Tee Party

My husband just turned 50 while we were on vacation in Boston. We took our nephew, who is 12, to tour and see a game at Fenway. When the Birthday Boy woke up on his special day, I gave him a gift I had packed for him:

He is always a good sport but I told him he didn’t have to wear it to the Red Sox game that day. But he did, for the sole purpose of embarrassing our nephew, an unalienable right of the uncle.

People on the bus and the train wished him a happy birthday. At Fenway, people did the same and a security guard there shook his hand and wished him fifty more. As the day went on and the number of wishes increased so did the amount of our nephew’s eye-rolling and head shaking. By the time he got into bed, ny husband had been wished a happy birthday by 40 strangers.

He had been successful in his mission to mortify the boy but I hope that somewhere deep inside the young man was able to see that the world is full of people who are good, kind and fun. Just like the man in the silly shirt who he calls Uncle.


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