Corn Stalker

It’s a gray but unusually warm day here for Fall in Pennsylvania. Today I may have crossed a line in the job search world but it’s too late now.

I mentioned the other day there is a company I would love to work for who has an opening that fits my background and experience. I have applied as instructed on their website and I will make a follow-up call later this week.

Today, however, I drove to the company and drove around the parking lot. I tried visualizing, a la Oprah, myself driving to the employee parking lot, parking and heading into work, greeting associates as we made our way into the office. Since it’s so dark out today, I pictured myself leaving for the day at night when the parking lot lights are on and snow is on the ground later this winter. I imagined myself at my desk inside working away.

What I didn’t imagine and perhaps should have was the padded van coming to take me away.

Well, you can’t say I haven’t tried everything. Although I guess walking in and sitting down at a desk, a la George Costanza, would really encompass EVERYTHING. . .

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