I am not one of those lucky people who feels endorphins racing through them after exercise. I think when God was giving out endorphins, He skipped me.

I have noticed though, that I get a mental clarity during exercise and it sort of lines things up in my mind that were fuzzy before I started sweating. It’s certainly not a high, but it does clean out the cobwebs.

I just got off the treadmill. On a side note, this is a torture device but imperative during the harsh Pennsylvania winters when one can’t get outside to continue their fitness routine. Although the machine is necessary, it is hated by all. A dear friend coined the phrase “dreadmill”. Need I say more?

But I digress. As I was on the dreadmill, I realized that even though I’ve continued the job search these last few days, I have distanced myself mentally from the struggle. I’ve blocked off, locked up, pushed down and bolted the door where the fear and panic reside that I talked about yesterday.

I realized that I am unconsciously recharging for return to the full-throttle search where I give my everything to it, sometimes at a high cost. Because of that high cost, I realize I have taken a step back and have been subliminally soaking in new inspiration.

I’ve hung my Vision Board up in the spare bedroom where I dreadmill and focus on that as I step through the 40 minutes of torture. I’ve been watching the Olympics and really taking in all the athletes’ stories of training and all that it took to get them to this highest competition.

Tomorrow the break is over. Time to put the fortification to work, to put me back to work.

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