Doodling’s Still Dandy

When I was a part of the workforce, conference and client calls as well as webinars were a daily occurrence. Like my maternal grandmother, I have always been a doodler, and these meetings were when I practiced my craft.

Yesterday, while participating in a webinar about growing your online audience, I took my Sharpie to paper. (If I write large with a Sharpie I can see what I’ve written by holding the paper close to my eyes.) I had already drawn some of my favorites — a flower, a cube — when I realized I was doodling for the first time since my vision loss. Connecting the corners of the cube is difficult with my depth perception issues, but there I was: back doodling on a webinar.

I’m finding out that as you begin to put together your new puzzle, a lot of the old pieces of your life will unexpectedly resurface and be put to good use once again. Picking up that pen was as natural as taking notes and asking questions during the presentation. I didn’t even realize what I had done until after I had created a few of the masterpiece drawings. Proof, if needed, just how bad my vision is.

I don’t yet know exactly what the completed puzzle will look like. But I can’t wait to see which pieces of my past my future holds.


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