I Am Waiting To Get Good At Waiting

I am learning the ebb and flow of my new company and my new job and much like the job search, I have no control over when and what comes my way.

I am supposed to be traveling next week but that may be cancelled. Other meetings assigned to me are in various stages of flux.

Today I have no work to do. Monday and no work makes for a very long day. Too much time to think is never good for me.

Like the job search, at any time there could be a lot for me to do so I sit and try to seem busy (another horrible thing to have to do) and wait for something to suddenly come up a la Marcia Brady.

I waited for THE job to come along.

I reported for work my first day, then was reading lots of procedures, got really really bored waiting for a meeting to plan, got super busy.

Now I wait for a job within the job.

You’d think I had honed my waiting skills while doing the job search. I’m still waiting for that to happen.

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