In Like A Lion

Today is the last day of March so I am finally starting to relax a little in the assumption that winter is behind us for another seven months or so.

What I can’t relax about is the job search. I did it this afternoon and there was nothing new. When I think that tomorrow is April 1st I cannot believe that I am still not working. At the end of 2009 there is no way I would have said I’d still be searching for a new job as March went out like a lamb.

When faced with a struggle in life, it’s all about the minute-to-minute survival. Every moment you get through is a victory, every day a triumph.

And so I have not been searching for a job for over 2 1/2 years, but rather I have prevailed for more than 900 days. When you’re living in the trenches of battle and every day you go back to the fight, that knowledge of survival is your greatest weapon.

April 1, 2010. I will see you then.

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