It’s Sunday Somewhere

It’s fascinating to me how one area of the country can be experiencing a snowstorm or other severe weather conditions, while other states have clear radar and clear skies. My wondrous interest can be directly connected to my lack of scientific knowledge, despite The Weather Channel being the background noise of choice in our house.

love to watch the radar map when bad weather is headed our way, checking out all the lower 48, comparing my colorful location with the commonwealths whose borders are filled with all white. It’s just like life, you can be going through a difficult time while the world around you is umbrella- and shovel-free. Although this phenomenon has been studied by philosophers and other very smart people, there is no way to forecast or explain these inclement periods of our existence. But like the radar map, it’s a comfort to know the sun is shining somewhere. You don’t have to be a meteorologist to find some hope in that.


*** Map from Storm Prediction Center. Click here for their website.


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