“JUST” Is A Four-Letter Word

I recently met an acquaintance of my husband’s and as we chatted, her recent heart attack and my vision loss came up. We exchanged our medical summaries and our current cardiac and optic status, respectively.

She told me her story first, then I followed suit. After I explained that I was completely blind for a few weeks and now am legally blind, she countered with, “Oh, you’re JUST legally blind now.”

My neck still hurts from the recoil. No one is more grateful than I that I have some degree of sight, but how dare this woman I have only met minutes ago minimize my experience every single day since I woke up blind?

You may think I am being way too sensitive and maybe I am. But someday I will write a post about all the things people have said to me that I was able to take with more aplomb.

Do me a favor, dear readers: think before you speak. If you don’t, let’s hope the recipient of your “just” thinks before they punch.

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