Let Me Give You My Card

My new company has its you-know-what together in a lot of ways. On my first day of work my laptop was set up and so was my desk phone. Over the last seven weeks, I’ve been waiting for other things to arrive such as my shirts (we have a company shirt we wear to events), my BlackBerry, my name tag.

Today when I arrived at work, there was a box of business cards on my desk. Not just any business card, but MY business cards. It was a moment for me that you will understand if you have traveled this journey with me or if you are going through it yourself.

I looked in the one pocket of my purse where I keep my business card case and got it out. I opened it and it was empty, just waiting for this day that on many days, quite honestly, seemed like it would never come. I loaded it with my new business cards (I can’t stop saying it) and you might not be able to see it in the picture, but the case is bursting at its seams, kind of like my insides.

I wouldn’t call it pride but it was the feeling you get when you never stop doing what you’ve got to do to make something happen and once it happens . . . bursting.

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