Mighty Fondant Of My Profession

My husband and I like to watch some of the shows on TLC, such as Cake Boss, and right now we are watching a show called “Fabulous Cakes” with this episode featuring bakeries in Philadelphia.

These bakers, who are really artists, do amazing things with cakes and icing. And they all do it with a passion and an incredible love for their craft.

I have passion. I have a love of my profession (current position excepted). Like these people, I want to use my creativity, experience and skill to do something special. Do something cool. And I’m not sugar-coating it either.

I want to believe that an opportunity for me will arise like a cake in the oven.

There have been several new jobs posted over the last week that are the perfect confection for me.

Thank you and I’m here all week. Actually, I’m here everyday. Don’t forget to tip your waitress and pastry chefs . . .

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