Sister Rain Is Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down

Today is honestly the first “quiet” day since I started the-job-that-sucked in early June that I am alone with my thoughts. I usually love these days but this one is hitting me hard.

Now I am back to wondering what the Hell just happened with a little “Why? Why? Why?” thrown in for good measure. Lots of talking to God is going on today and frantic online job searching. I am back to not knowing what to do to change my situation and feeling hopeless about it.

I know it’s better to keep busy and keep the negative thoughts at bay, but conversely, at some point you’ve got to have a breather to get yourself together. Instead, it’s causing me to be even more “untogether”, if that’s even possible.

At this pity-party for one, I feel like the kid playing musical chairs whose left without one when the music stops.

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