Slow Cooking, Fast Learning

I am a crock-pot girl. Yeah, that’s right. A crock-pot girl.  I try to make at least one meal each week in the slow cooker. As I was peeling and cutting carrots and potatoes at 7 a.m. this morning, I thought: this is a lot of work!

I’ve always been a quick peeler, and since my vision loss I have worked my way back to top speed. I carefully turn the peelee and have incorporated feel to check if I’ve removed all the outside of the vegetable in question. When cutting now, the priority is always to keep my fingers back and out of the way to the detriment of some very wonkiky cut carrots. But their taste remains intact and so do my digits.

Regardless of my return to optimum quickness, I kept asking myself how this was saving me any time? Then I realized, it’s a basic life lesson: Put the hard work in up front and in the end you’ll be rewarded. When all I have to do tonight to get dinner on the table is remove the crock-pot lid and serve, this morning’s work will be worth it.

I have no intention of turning this blog into a recipe site, but I do pledge to share anything that makes life easier. So here are the instructions:

Crock-Pot Pot Roast
2-3 lb. chuck or round roast
1 packet Au Jus
1 packet Ranch Dressing

Rub meat with both dry packets, both sides. Place in crock-pot.

Peel and slice carrots and potatoes, place around meat.

Add water until everything is covered.

Cook on HIGH all day. 

I mentioned above the idea of putting the time and effort in and seeing the results of that labor. I have an even bigger and more valuable wisdom to impart:

Unlike some of the things we learn along the way, this particular teaching will only require one incident. Coming home after a long day, anticipating dinner already made, expecting the mouth-watering smell as you put the key in the door only to find cold raw meat and vegetables has a way of  preventing making that mistake twice. 
Bon Appe-Turn-It-On!

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