is That A Stye In Your Eye Or Are You Just Happy To See Everything?

Monday morning I woke up with a sore eyelid and with the help of my physician, Dr. Google, the diagnosis was a stye.

It’s much better now and last night I dreamt that I woke up, the stye was gone, but my sight was not. I had full vision back and although it made no sense even in my REM-sleep state, I knew that somehow the stye had brought back my full visual perception.

The dream woke me up and I was euphoric. But one look at the clock on the nightstand brought me immediately crashing back to reality. In that instant I was crushed, followed by anger at myself for not knowing better, even in the hours between night and day, when anything seems possible.

I was awake for the next two hours, trying to erase the dream from my mind. It’s been a long time since I imagined in sleep that my sight had come back and I had hoped those nocturnal fairy tales had returned to Neverland for good. I prefer to do my “visualizing” fully conscious and fully in control. A nightmare is defined as a frightening or unpleasant dream, but sometimes the nightmare occurs when we wake.


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