The Secret Life Of A Bird Mom

If you share your life with a feathered or furry soul, you’ve probably wondered what they are up to when you’re not home. Cams aren’t just for nannies anymore, so if inclined, you can easily find out. Of course I wonder, but I’ve never taken advantage of the technology. For now, my respect for Piper’s privacy outweighs my curiosity. But I reserve my parrontal rights for the future.

I am up to all sorts of things when I’m out of the house, but whatever I’m doing, I’m always happy to get home to Piper. He has been my steadfast companion for the last six years since my vision loss and I miss him when we’re apart. I am without fail excited to return to him although I never know which reception I will receive. He may be waiting for me as I approach, his foot lifted to be picked up, or mad at me for leaving him and ignore me. I, on the other zygodactyl, have the same reaction to Piper every time I walk in my front door: I squawk and wag my tail.


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