‘Twas The Middle Of The Night

Twas the middle of the night
And nothing could be heard 
We all were deeply snoozing
My husband, me and the bird. 
The clock on the nightstand 
Showed just before three 
When the silence was shattered
What could it be?
I awoke right away 
My heart pounding in fear
My husband sat up 
But he wasn’t quite near. 
It took me a minute 
No less and no more
To realize that I 
Was now on the floor. 
“Are you okay? You okay?”
Over and over he said
That’s when I realized 
I had fallen out of bed!
I assured my poor spouse
That I was just fine
Then climbed back in bed
To the spot that is mine.
We fell back to sleep
Both neither worse for wear
But I felt really bad
For giving him a scare.
This morning all is well
Thanks for listening to my tale
I’m now going to search Amazon
For an adult-sized bed rail! 

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