What Would Dick Button Say?

I just finished doing the long job search and there are 4 opportunities I am applying for. It’s almost like I’ve hit the lottery to have all these postings printed out.

Answering these postings is going to take some time. I never know what the application process will be for any given job until I start to do it. Sometimes it’s a simple as sending an email, other times I spend a lot of time filling out an online application. No 2 jobs I apply for are EVER the same.

I’d like to think I’ve become an expert in the job search and yet I’m wondering if I can’t really claim that title if I’ve not yet gotten a job. Does that mean I’ve failed? I suppose success is relative. I’ve seemed to have mastered the triple axle but can’t quite stick the landing.

You know I’m tired when I’m using Winter Olympic analogies when it’s 70 degrees and sunny. Forgive me readers and TGIF.

I’m gonna go and try and stick the landing on one of these jobs.

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