A First For Me

I am back from the last business trip I will go on for my current employer and although I was in Ohio, if you ask me where I REALLY was I’d have to say Hell. The trip only solidified my decision to resign last week and I know without a doubt it was absolutely positively the right thing to do. Not that I had second thoughts before I went to Hell on Sunday night.

Tonight I am back doing the job search and what do I see but my current job posted. I have never seen this before with any of the jobs I’ve moved on from so it was very strange and like a traffic accident, I was kind of horrified but also I couldn’t look away. It sat there, MY title, MY job, but I never looked any further than the title. I know what the job description says but more importantly, I know what the job really is.

I will not be giving the name of the company or the position but let me promise I am sending out cosmic signals to all my readers in the hope that if they are searching for a job, and they see my position, that they keep searching.

Save yourself. I have.

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