A Life Without Scars Is A Life Unlived

Almost a week has gone by without a post for me. Life is moving so hard and so fast and it’s mostly centered around work and the shell of the woman I once was when I return home after the work day is over.

Tomorrow morning I am flying to do a site visit at a hotel and will be staying overnight and returning Thursday morning. Then I’m home for the Memorial Day weekend and then I’m off again for over a week. I’m not complaining, these are the facts ma’am, simply the facts.

Although I have been at this job for 5 months and logged over 20,000 air miles since March, when I sit in my home office chair and write my blog I am often that unemployed woman of three years. I said at the time that it didn’t define me, but it certainly did, most especially to myself.

I wonder how long and how many air miles it will take for that feeling to go away? Maybe it never will. Maybe like the scar on my ankle it will fade with time but always be there and all I have to do is sit in this chair, in this room, at this computer, and touch it.

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