Advertisement Ailments

The amount of crap daytime television programs is only outmatched by the awful commercials. Today I saw the following, all during one break, in this order:

  • Clinical Trial for Schizophrenia Medication 
  • California Walnuts
  • Psoriasis Medication
  • Ulcerative Colitis Medication 
  • Democrats @ South Carolina Town Hall Meeting Tonight 
  • Oscars 
I have empathy for anyone with any condition. If a medication can help them, how fantastic is that? I mean, come on Optic Nerve Restoration Elixir! But this back-to-back representation of people living with these three afflictions was enough to make me itch and burn and start naming my personalities. With the Triple Threat I witnessed, I’m suggesting a tonic for hypochondria be slotted in between the politicians and the entertainment industry’s “biggest night”. The only more fitting product placement? Hemorrhoid cream. 

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