Another Life Instruction

This morning I have a phone interview with the company I told you about on Tuesday. I know that potential employers can smell desperation just like a dog can smell fear, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am desperate. I just have to mask it with some type of vocal camouflage. The position really is a spooky match to my experience and interests. And perhaps its biggest selling point is that it’s not the job I currently have.

I am also on the cusp of making a HUGE decision about my current career situation and so today’s “Life’s Little Instruction” on my calendar of the same name hit me like a smack in the face when I tore off yesterday’s page:

Remember, there’s never been a day when a million miracles didn’t happen. So why not one today just for you?

Hope comes in many forms. Today it came to me in a $9.99 desk calendar.

My miracle will come in an invitation for a second interview.

Fingers AND toes, Friends. Keep ’em crossed for me.

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