Back In E Day

Back in E day . . . my husband and I had Philadelphia Flyers’ season tickets.

Back in E day . . . we would make the two-plus hour round trip to the arena a couple times each week to attend games, arriving home after midnight.

Back in E day . . . I lived and died with every win and every loss.

Back in E day . . . I bled orange and black.

Back in E day . . . I was in my 20s and 30s.

Back in E day  . . . I knew nothing more fun or powerful or exciting than this:

CPARCHIVEPHOTO PUBLIC SPECIAL FOR THE PETERBOROUGH EXAMINER (CPT113-Sept.2)--Philadelphia Flyers center Eric Lindros, right, skates up the ice in the first period Monday, April 13, 1998, at Marine Midland Arena in Buffalo, N.Y. This was Lindros' first game since being sidelined by a concussion on March 7. (AP Photo/Bill Sikes)

Congratulations, Eric Lindros. The announcement of your appointment into the Hockey Hall of Fame has reminded this 50-year-old woman, who is now in bed before NHL night games are over, what a wonderful, huge part of my life your sport once was. I am grateful that your hockey years were my hockey years, back in E day.

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