“The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It”

— Abraham Lincoln

Daniel Day-Lewis in restaurant sporting Lincoln beard
Daniel Day-Lewis in restaurant sporting Lincoln beard

With Presidents’ Day being celebrated this week, I heard a comedian talking about Daniel Day-Lewis not breaking character for three months during filming of the 2012 historical drama, Lincoln. Five years later, the actor’s approach is still poked fun at. As I heard the joke, I thought about and admired him for being so committed to something that you completely immerse yourself in it. As I continue to reinvent myself after the loss of my vision, I have explored different tools, including meditation and visualization and I believe in slowing yourself down and seeing yourself achieving your goals.and once I figure out what mine are, I will immerse and visualize and achieve.

I have never thought so much about my purpose or my future until my eyesight was compromised and a new life began for me. Whereas in my past I entered corporate America after school and organically found my career path, knowing only that I wanted to move up the proverbial ladder, now I only know that I have a story to share and the desire to make people laugh, think, and know they are going to be okay, no matter what. Because within three years, four devastating “what’s” occurred in my life.  And I know it’s incredibly difficult but you will get through it.

I envy Mr. Day-Lewis. In portraying Lincoln, he had history and a script to work from. Me, I am still creating the new Sister Rain. But each day I see her more clearly, and I am focused and I am motivated. Just as long as I don’t have to give up my cell phone or wear a corset, that is.


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