Big Accomplishments Come In Small Brown Paper Packages

I made some definite goals for myself in 2017 and plan to bring some long-term projects to fruition. My love affair with the word “fruition” is deep and faithful. What I did not expect was that I would return to some run-of-the-mill activities without premeditation.

  • Last weekend, I looked for and found a book I wanted from the public library’s shelf. Since I can’t scan the book spines, I have to pull the books out of their neat rows and then look,at the cover using the magnifier on my phone.
  • Today I went to the greeting card section of Walmart and picked out three that I needed. I used the same method as at the library. Some card’s fonts were too small so I skipped over them but I eventually found what I was looking for.
  • Today I also went into the liquor store by myself and found the adult beverage I wanted. I then went and used my debit card and with some help from the cashier, I left with a brown paper bag in my right hand, my head held high and a spring in my step.

I have not regained any more sight and so I currently have the same amount of vision I have had the last few years. Mentally I must have improved although when I think back, I feel I am the same. I suppose all it takes, though, is one imperceptible adjustment, unable to be seen by the mind’s eye, and you find yourself with a bottle of Kahlua, a library book and some well wishes for friends. It sounds like a twisted game of Clue but it’s actually Life, my life. No conscious decision was made, no wheel was spun. After purposely trying to take back my life, my subconscious knew I was ready, it was time and it put me where I needed to be, where I belong.

We’ve got to set the big goals, friends. And work tirelessly towards them. But we cannot discount the everyday things we overcome and conquer. And take back. Things that some could do so much easier and more quickly than us. I am notoriously bad at this, acknowledging the now difficult mundane pieces of life that I power through. But these three recent, seemingly little achievements: attention must be paid. And let me tell you, Kahlua never tasted so sweet.


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