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Today I applied for three positions I found online. All three of them required that I fill out an online application which can be very tedious depending on the employer’s requirements. I worked through the first two without issue, then ran into something new when starting the third.

As I created a profile with this third company, a Warning Message popped up. I swear I heard sirens! The message read “You must have Internet Explorer 7 or higher version to complete this application!”.

Is there no end to what information you must know or what information you must provide to apply for a job? I happen to know what version Internet Explorer I have, but that did not make the warning any less surprising.

During the job search, I’ve been asked my social security number, how long I’ve lived at my current address, who my emergency contact is (remember I don’t even have the job yet), if I have transportation to get to the job (remember I don’t even have the job yet), what years I went to elementary school, was it a one-room schoolhouse (OK I made this one up), do I belong to any clubs (does PA Unemployment count?), can I lift 20 lbs., what jobs did I like best (the ones I got offered and accepted are my top favorites), and the “Optional” standard three:

What is your ethnicity?
What is your gender?
Are you a veteran?

New year, new attitude so I’m looking at the bright side of things. Today I found three viable job leads and am hopeful once again.

For future reference, I’m A Positive.

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