Comfort In UnCOMFORTable

My closest friends are always so considerate of me and my visual challenges when we are out and about. In planning an upcoming day trip, one friend suggested some things we could do, but wanted to be sure I only did what I was comfortable doing.

My reply to her was that even if I am leery because of my vision situation, about doing something or going somewhere, I do it anyway. It is so true that I have to live my life despite what has happened to my eyesight. Of course there are times when I don’t have the mental or physical strength to power through every unsure step or navigate through crowds and I will sit an event out, but I can honestly say that doesn’t happen much anymore.

Is it always bittersweet because I can’t properly see things like a movie or a theater performance or the ocean? Yes, it is. But I hear the laughter, the shared confidences and feel my friends right there with me, whatever we are doing. And that is the furthest thing from uncomfortable.

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