Counting The Blessing Of A Routine Friday

One morning you wake up and there are multiple Tweets telling you a natural disaster has occurred on the other side of the world and it’s not over yet. I see the pictures online and I hear the reports but I just can’t conceive of what is happening.

Meanwhile, my office is abuzz with activity; everyone trying to finish things up before the weekend. We’re all listening and watching and interested but I would be lying if I said life doesn’t go on. I don’t mean to be callused but it is amazing that terrible, unspeakable things are happening in the world and we continue to make hotel and airline reservations and pick food selections and off-site dining options. We are not “party planners” and I don’t mean to minimize what we do, but the same is going on all over where people are aware of the disaster and praying for all those who are and could be impacted (still dodging the effected/affected conundrum) and still having what is a fairly normal Friday afternoon.

The traffic on the Pennsylvania Turnpike is gonna be a breeze tonight . . .

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