A Cup Of Coffee And A Friendship To Go

A rainy, gray morning and a new issue of People magazine, called for a travel mug of coffee to accompany me back to bed after breakfast. I retrieved the The West Wing tv series tumbler from the kitchen cabinet, another relic from my corporate America days. It was given to me an infinite number of cup of joe’s ago by a sister-of-the-heart. And like our relationship, it has seen an awful lot and is still providing much-needed strength to face each day. This mug may look a little worn from the daily grind and the same may be said for my girl and me but any lines or wrinkles were hard-earned. They are badges of honor signifying we are warriors in life. One of the hidden benefits, literally, of my visual impairment is that the people in my life never age and I will always appear 47 when I look in a mirror. Thank you, The Battle of Optic Neuritis, which we fought together.

Possessions aren’t what’s important in life. We are not our things, but sometimes, our things are us.


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