Curb Your Enthusiasm

It’s been a busy Monday so far and now I’m doing the job search. I thought I’d take a break and blog. Writing this blog is a break for me. It forces me to stop and take stock of not only my job search, but life in general. And then I get to share it with all of you.

There’s been some drama in my ‘hood since yesterday afternoon. There is a 2-unit apartment right next door to us and yesterday afternoon the renters in the top apartment put what looked like an entire room of furniture out by the telephone pole at the curb. I am not saying we own the telephone pole, but it’s in a direct line of where we mow, so technically it’s on our property.

Since the snow has not entirely melted, there is a 2′ pile of snow behind where I park my car when I park out front. When I discovered the mound-o-furniture yesterday, I saw that the love seat was perched precariously in such a way that should the snow melt from the pressure of the love seat, it would more than likely slide into the back of my car. Super.

My husband wasn’t home until 5:30 p.m. and he proceeded to go over there as soon as he came home. He knocked on their door, there was no answer, so he accidentally-might-have moved the love seat to the other side of the snow mound.

Oh, this gets even better. I checked our borough’s* web site and Thursday morning, not Monday morning, is the day you’re supposed to put bulk items out. Bulk meaning a whole room of furniture. But the policy is you’re only to put one item out.

Sure enough, the trash collectors came this morning and did NOT take any of the furniture. So now my husband has made both a call and a visit to our Borough Office and they are going to call the landlord about this. Since the trash collectors didn’t take it this morning, it’s now like patio furniture except it’s on the sidewalk.

I do not plan on being buried, but if I did, my tombstone would read “What is wrong with people?”. Since I doubt I will discover the answer to this while I’m alive, I’m hoping it all becomes clear in the hereafter.

*Per Wikipedia and A borough is an incorporated municipality smaller than a city. In principle, the term borough designates a self-governing township.

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