Dangerous Curves Ahead

I just read in a magazine letter to the editor that life throws you curves and that it’s how we persevere that makes it all worth it.

It really ticked me off.

The perseverance makes what worth it? And what curve has been thrown at this letter-writer? My guess is a fender bender or being told they need adult braces.

Because my daily and necessary perseverance during the last two and a half years has not been worth-it or worth-while or worth-anything. There is no grand reward in trying to put make-up on using the largest magnifier mirror made and still having to ask my poor husband if my eyes look too goth. Or in typing this blog post with the font so large that only four words are displayed on the iPad screen at one time.

We persevere because life goes on when the curve comes our way. There’s no choice if we decide to keep going. We lightly touch the brakes. We slow down. We hold on a little tighter. We act on instinct. We pray.

It’s not perseverance. It’s survival. And every day we remake the decision to survive. Life has thrown the curve, and we decide to survive. We decide survival is worth it.

Now that’s perseverance.

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