Do You Take This TiVo? We Do.

My husband and I love TiVo. We’re on our second series and we will tell people, quite sincerely, that TiVo changed our life. (I first typed “saved” our life — that is a scary Freudian slip!)

If you’ve not familiar with the DVR concept, which stands for Digital Video Recorder, it’s a way to record TV shows onto a mass storage device and you can search for shows by name, by actor, by keyword, etc. You can also set up a Season Pass so that you record your favorite shows every time they’re on. While watching live TV, you can also pause which is terrific for snack or bathroom breaks!

When you are done with a show you’ve recorded on TiVo, you can delete it. Much like your email, it stays in the “trash” folder until you go in and permanently delete them.

I realize that this is becoming a TiVo commercial, so I will get to the plot of this blog entry. You see, TiVo is a great representation of my marriage. Being anal retentive as I am, I will permanently delete the shows after we have watched a few of them or at least at the end of the night. My husband, however, is quite content to let the “trash” list grow until I get hold of the remote and see the long list.

This is such a statement of our marriage. I am a “Why do it tomorrow when I can do it today?” kind of girl, whereas the husband is a “It’ll get done tomorrow” kind of guy. I put things away when I’m done using them, I take out the trash when it gets full rather than trying to stuff the can until it’s bursting. I shred things right away while he’s good to stack them on top of the shredder.

I’m not saying either one of us is right and the other is wrong (because if I was I’d say I was right), but TiVo is a snapshot of us.

Thank God the husband can’t put me on “pause”.

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