Earn New Miles But Keep The Old — I Wish

In the last five weeks, I have flown almost 12,000 miles with another 6,000+ coming my way next week. Fourteen months ago an airline who shall remain nameless, (OK I name it HERE), stripped over 46,000 miles from me because I had not flown with them in 18 months. No begging or pleading — hey, it’s miles here people; miles that I earned schlepping all over this great country of ours for work — would cause the airline to reinstate my miles.

Adding insult to injury, every month since then I receive an “e-statement” via email showing my account and it always says, in bright red letters: “Miles Forfeited: 46,000” as if I willingly gave them up.

Now that I’m back to work I find myself traveling via this airline exclusively, due to where I live and what airport is closest to my home. Even though the email statements now account for my new miles, the Forfeit remains.

The next time the Flight Attendant asks me what I’d like to drink I’ll tell her to keep her Diet Pepsi. And give me back my miles!

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