Except For The Absence Of That New Car Smell, You’d Never Know

My car had to go in for inspection this afternoon (inspections are required every year in Pennsylvania) and on my way to work this morning I was thinking about taking the beach chairs out of the back and anything else I wanted to remove before taking it to the garage. I keep my car exceptionally clean and if you were to get in it, you would probably think it’s a year or two old based on the interior, when in fact it is ten years old.

I got to thinking that the same might be said for me and all of us really. On my interior, I feel the same as I’ve felt my entire adult life. I sure don’t feel like I’m 46. The lines and “chips on my hood” do not match my interior where I feel like the same girl I’ve always been. I know for sure that the experiences that I’ve had have changed me over the years but when I stop and think about it, I don’t “feel” different to myself.

My car is 10 and I am 46; we’ve both seen a lot of miles, a lot of sunny days and a lot of rainy days. But you’d never know it by our interiors.

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