Family Friends

When we wed, the saying goes that you are not only marrying your spouse, but also their family. I believe this is very true but I have recently become aware of another branch of the family.

As I have written about repeatedly on this blog, I have an amazing group of girlfriends who are my family.  They are my sisters of my heart and could not be more a part of me if we had the same blood coursing through our veins. I think that is about the only thing we don’t share.

My dad-in-law died suddenly a year and a half ago. My mom-in-law and he were partners in every sense of the word. She always had a lot of friends but I have watched those relationships grow deeper in the last 18 months as Mom forges a new life without Dad. I have always known her lady friends but now that they are more involved in Mom’s life, and therefore ours, I see that they are her family and my husband’s and mine, too.

We are so grateful for these women who have helped Mom through this horrific time. Although we are very much adults, we are still her kids, and she needs these women. And when I see them all interacting with her, I see myself and the incredible ladies I am so blessed to spend my life with. The laughter and love, support and strength, weaves throughout and we are as connected as people can be. I may not be Merriam or Webster, but that defines family to me.


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