Feeling LOST Today

Rough day here. The Phillies are out of the postseason and will not be returning to the World Series. I’m also very down about the job search and its infinite impossibilities.

The weekends are hard on me because there is very little I feel I can do when the work force is off to move forward in the job search process. This is going to sound crazy, but I’m in a crazy place right now, but it’s also strange even after being out of work for so much time, to not have the normal weekend chores to do because I’ve gotten them done during the week. I will live to regret thinking and typing this someday, hopefully soon, but it’s the truth.

On a positive note, it’s a beautiful fall day today. We have beautiful changing of the leaves and it’s sunny and warm.

As when I left the beach a few weeks ago, I find myself wondering today when Spring Training starts next year, where will I be working?

The beach, baseball, the weekend — it all comes back to this unanswered question.

I hate unanswered questions.

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