Four years ago today, we brought Piper home from the rescue. He was a different bird back then, defensive and sometimes aggressive. He had been through a lot in his six years prior to our meeting, having been surrendered to the rescue by his previous family who could no longer afford to rake care of him, followed by two years at the bird shelter. He acted mostly aloof during our several visits to meet and interact with him, and when he didn’t want to perch on our offered finger we didn’t push. We played with other birds and Piper watched our every move.

My husband and I knew that it would take time and patience and love for this little guy to feel safe and secure with us and let down the protective barrier he had grown around his heart. As he sized us up and then eventually would come to us during our trips to see him, our hearts opened and a little green and orange and blue conure crawled in. We wanted to be his mommy and daddy and his Forever Home.

A few days before we brought him home, I spoke with the amazing woman who runs the rescue. I asked her, “Do you think we would be good for Piper?” She wholeheartedly replied that we would. What I didn’t know at the time was how great he would be for me. What I didn’t know at the time was that three months later I would wake up blind. He is my steadfast companion, our laughter and joy. He now gives kisses instead of bites although his spunkiness dictates an occasional nip to keep us on our toes. There is now cuddles and play and chortles and bird talk. There is now immense trust and unconditional love.

One bird, two humans, one heart. A Forever Family. Forever.


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