Hopey Birthday For Me

Big birthday weekend for me. I only say “big” because the number is going up, faster and faster, like the Mad Tea Party ride at Disney World once you get it really spinning. And equally nausea-inducing.

A birthday dinner at a Chinese restaurant ended with the traditional fortune cookie, a providence of hope or doom wrapped in an ever-surprisingly deliciousness. To my delight, my cookie held two slips of paper. I allowed myself to believe the odds were in my favor as opposed to stacked against me. It is my birthday, after all.

The first read:

A shooting star tonight will bring you good luck tomorrow!

Very nice but I would not have seen it. Plus, it is monsoon season here in Pennsylvania so no one is seeing any stars.

The second fortune:

The current year will bring you much happiness.

2016 isn’t even half over yet so I like the sound of this one. No doom, just hope. Which is exactly how I want to start my new year. 

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