I Fell For Good

Ladies, have you ever had a tender spot for a guy your parents would hate, a rule breaker, perhaps wearing a leather jacket, smoking a cig, hair greased back, riding a motorcycle? I entered the dating world in the 80’s but obviously I’ve seen Grease one too many times. Whatever your description of a rebel is, in theory, girls all love a bad boy. It’s fun and exciting to be with someone who doesn’t care about convention and does what he wants. I have had a few of them in my life, a long time ago. And then . . .

I fell for a good boy.

I met my husband on a blind date thirty years ago next year. He was kind, thoughtful, loyal, honest, funny, not a mean bone in his body. Like any relationship, we have had our struggles, and his laid back approach to life rubs my Type A-ness the wrong way most days, and vice versa. He is even-keeled, steady and calm and I am the up and down ride in the dark.

As we ran errands on Saturday, we listened to CDs of a band we were devoted to 20+ years ago and recently saw in concert. I was finding it hard to believe that so much time had passed since my husband and I travelled all over to attend this group’s shows in the early years of our marriage. So many wonderful and difficult times have come and gone since then. Spring had arrived this weekend, the car windows were rolled down and the sound of motorcycles’ tailpipes blowing out the last five months of winter competed with the music. The “Vrooom! Vrooom!” of a Harley can still cause my heart to skip a beat but I know I have been right where I belong all these years. Our mid-size SUV is faster than a motorcycle but it really doesn’t matter. Girls who fall for a good boy always finish first.


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