I Love My Car

I applied for a job over the weekend, so that makes it a little easier to discover no new leads this morning. Not really but I’m trying to stay positive once again at the beginning of a new week. I’ve applied for ten jobs this month which is a huge number considering there was hardly any activity the previous two months.

This morning I took my car to the dealer to get an oil change. I should tell you something about me and my car. I love my car and treat her with TLC (yes,,I refer to my car as “her”). I tend to keep my cars for upwards of ten years and people tell me they would never guess its age by looking at it. Too bad the same thing can’t be said about me!

I always get nervous when I take my car in for service because I worry there’s going to be expensive things that need to be done. However, the alternative is to not take care of her and then have to buy a new car which is not on our horizon at all these days.

I needed to have a few things done, totalling a little over $200. Again, I will do what I have to, within reason, to keep her healthy.

I drive a Toyota RAV4. I have often said if I had all the money in the world, I would still drive the car I drive. How many things in life can we say that about? If I had all the money in the world would I live where I live? Probably not. If I had all the money in the world would I be worried about the job search. That’s a HUGE no!

I love my car. Together we can go anywhere we want. She gets me there safely and in comfort with heat or air conditioning and the music of my choice. We are a team.

Above is a photo of me and my RAV doing what we do best. Cruising down the road, no matter what the weather. And when I land my new job, she’ll be safely taking me there, patiently waiting in the parking lot for our drive home. Call me crazy, but I love my car.

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