I’ll Show You Scary

Because I cannot ride the stationary bike everyday mentally, I purchased a portable DVD player for watching workout videos. I can put the player on the floor or dresser, and get it close to my eyes and see it well enough to follow along, whether I am doing floor work or standing exercises.

The video I have been doing lately is Mel B’s Totally Fit. Mel B is a Spice Girl and her name in the group is Scary Spice. However, she is very supportive and encouraging throughout her video, and with her British accent, even the word “bum” is soothing and sounds like something said around Downton Abbey’s grand dinner table. 

The frightening part of this workout is happening not from within the DVD player, but from the person viewing and doing it, me! That’s where the terror lies. And with my American accent, there is no gilding the horror. Not only is my body getting a workout but so is my unbecoming language arsenal and thoughts only brought forth by misery. 

Now I finally understand why people go to gyms. This way, all the suffering is centralized. No such luck for my family. Spooky Sister Rain works out at home. 

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