Inspiration In A Coffee Cup Sleeve

I LOVE COFFEE!!! Plain old coffee with a little cream and one Sweet’N Low is my daily drink but occasionally I love a treat of a Cafe Mocha or a Frappuccino.

For some reason, my husband and I just can’t make decent coffee at home. We’ve tried using bottled water, we’ve tried different combinations of water and coffee and we just never get it right. This afternoon I was home and cold and felt like a cup of coffee so I tried to make a pot and it was a disaster.

The closest Starbucks is 10 miles from my home but we have a local coffee shop about 4 miles away. I love its atmosphere. There are always people there on their laptops and having business meetings. They’re all “hip” and sometimes young (sigh) and stylish. They are who I want to be (the young part might be a challenge) and sitting there people-watching inspires me to be creative, to continue the fight to return to my career.

People scoff at a $4 cup of coffee and most days I’ll agree it’s crazy. But today $4 got me a Cafe Mocha. With a dollop of whipped cream and inspiration on top.

(Don’t you love the word “dollop”?)

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