~ iPerson ~

Upon getting her first iPhone, I offered assistance to my friend as I welcomed her to Apple Nation. I should tell you right from the start I am not a paid spokeswoman for the company, but I will tell you that without my iProducts my darkened life would be less . . . everything. The accessibility features and ability to enlarge text and photos, the use of Siri and voice commands, have enabled me to stay connected to the world. All this plus I have always loved me some technology.

Teaching the iNewbie some of the features of her phone, she said to me,

“You are my iPerson.”

We both laughed at her proclamation and the thought behind it, that I would be anyone’s “i/eye” anything. We continued to giggle, as women in their 50s are known to do, and then she exclaimed, “Well, you are!”

Much has changed for me since the morning I woke up without my sight. I have both lost and gained, as documented in this blog. But what has remained in my personal iCloud: my husband, my friends, Piper (my parrot), reading, writing, the internal hardware I came out of the factory with (sorry, Mom!) and the “apps” I downloaded over the years, have kept me synched to life.

For me to be called someone’s iPerson is iRonic, but it is also one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Because even after all the updates, I am the person I was, am and will be.


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